We invest to shape the future economic pillars of Singapore

As a leading Singapore-based global investor, EDBI invests in high growth technology sectors that shape the future economic pillars of Singapore. Since 1991, we have been supporting our portfolio companies’ growth in Asia and globally through our extensive network, resources and experience.


We are committed to achieve long-term shareholder value and attract future leaders and tech innovators to Singapore, thereby anchoring new capabilities, creating employment opportunities, and building a resilient economy.

Partnering with businesses that share our ambition to drive meaningful innovations for a better world.

Our Core Values

At EDBI, everyone in the team shares the same core values – Be SUPER, which stands for:



Unite and Work Together


Have Passion


Strive for Excellence


Respect Each Other's Views
and Contributions

Our Focal Sectors

We help strengthen Singapore’s capabilities through investments in innovative companies across six focal sectors:





Health &


Creating value and empowering
companies to build sustainable legacies

At EDBI, we strive to unlock our companies’ potential, accelerate growth globally and advocate positive impact for a better world. Being a strategic partner also means helping our companies on their growth trajectory and enhancing value for their successes.

Through our value creation efforts and expansive network, we offer opportunities for:

EDBI Market and Tech Access
Market and Tech Access
EDBI R&D Collaborations and Technology Commercialization
R&D Collaborations and
Technology Commercialisation
EDBI Strategic Development and Financing
Strategic Development and Financing
EDBI Ecosystem Connectivity
Ecosystem Connectivity
EDBI Talent Support
Talent Support

Our History

The EDBI Journey

EDBI was established in 1991 under the name of EDB Investments (EDBInv) to support high growth companies and industry sectors that can contribute to the growth of Singapore’s economy. In the early 2000s saw EDBInv catalyse the creation of a new biomedical industry with the formation of Bio*One Capital, EDB’s dedicated Biomedical Sciences Investment Fund. To adapt to new disruptive trends, EDBInv then restructured to the new EDBI to become an active global venture investor. This set the stage for investing into areas like digitalisation, deep tech and building new capabilities in Singapore.

To stay ahead of the competition, we have to constantly innovate and enhance the Singapore product. EDB Investments Pte Ltd (EDBInv) is another vehicle to make Singapore more attractive for high value-added technology industries. The setting up of a separate company, EDBInv, to undertake such equity investments demonstrates to potential investors that we are committed to developing industries in Singapore.

Phillip Yeo

Former EDBInv Chairman (June 1991 to October 2001) 


Manufacturing as a strategic growth driver for Singapore

Formation of EDB Investments(EDBinv)

Pioneers projects in the electronics and chemical clusters

Implements regional platform projects and supports promising local enterprises in regionalization

2000 - 2008

Firing up the dual engines of growth

Focus shifts to R&D

Seeds growth in the biomedical industry

Ventures into areas like visual effects and photonics

2009 - 2020

Growing Singapore’s future economic pillars

Set-up of Silicon Valley office

Formation of EDBI and restructuring of EDBinv

Strategic focus on clusters in information and Communications Technology, Healthcare, Emerging Technology and the Strategic Growth Programme

Emphasis on value creation support for portfolio companies

Partnerships with funds and corporates

Set-up of Shanghai office

Set-up of Southeast Asia office

2021 and beyond

The Next Leap