Druva Expands Global Cloud Footprint to Align with Brexit and Regional Data Requirements

Unveils new cloud location options in Canada, the UK and Hong Kong to meet growing international demand


SUNNYVALE, CA–(Marketwired – May 2, 2017) – Druva, a leader in cloud data protection and information management, today announced that it has significantly expanded the reach of its public cloud offerings to better support customers’ unique data regulation challenges around the world. The expansion is a result of increasing global demand for cloud-based data protection and information management that can meet both national and regional data protection requirements. The new locations in Canada, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong enable companies to host their data in locations that best meet their specific requirements around data residency, location and transfer. The addition of these new cloud locations furthers Druva’s mission to support an increasing amount of global organizations in their ambitions to manage and protect data as cloudfirst organizations.


“Data privacy regulations are ever-changing. Each evolution of these regulations impacts global businesses and more than ever, companies need to ensure their data is protected, secure and compliant,” said Jaspreet Singh, CEO at Druva. “Druva continues to lead in data protection and information management. By expanding the range of options available to our customers around the globe, companies can take full advantage of the cloud and ease the burden of compliance requirements.”


The public cloud options include:


  • Canada – A new location that enables private sector customers to manage data in accordance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). This federal privacy law sets guidelines on how, and where, Canadian citizen data is stored. With this new center, Druva can aid organizations in both helping to identify this data as well as store it within region for businesses dealing with sensitive workloads.
  • United Kingdom (Available in Q3) – Allows organizations in the U.K. to embrace the cloud for their data protection needs while maintaining data within the boundaries of the country. As the U.K. begins the process of leaving the European Union, as part of Brexit, the U.K. data center will be critical for meeting data sovereignty regulations.
  • Hong Kong – The new Hong Kong region will give customers the ability to meet the varying local data protection guidelines of the region while taking advantage of the cost savings delivered by the public cloud.

Druva is a cloud-first SaaS company, based on the infrastructure of the leading public cloud vendors which have been extensively audited for security controls. This enables Druva customers to manage and protect their data in the cloud, while having the utmost confidence that the data is secured to meet regional regulation demands. With more companies opting for cloud-first IT strategies that make preferential use of cloud services over on-premises solutions, Druva’s approach ensures that customers can efficiently run highly secure deployments in compliance with local and regional data protection and privacy rules. This flexibility and attention to local regulations is necessary for any company to ensure data protection and information management success.


“Companies are looking at public cloud services to make their IT more efficient and more flexible,” said Tom Keane, General Manager, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Corp. “Druva helps deliver enhanced management and recovery services for critical customer data, powered by Microsoft Azure.”


“In the UK, the new expansion will provide our customers with a simple and effective way to manage their data within the region, whatever changes take place after Brexit. While the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK has already indicated that it will follow the data protection rules of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the new public cloud location will help customers align to the specific data sovereignty requirements of the UK,” commented Rick Powles, Vice President EMEA at Druva.


To find out more about Druva’s support for public cloud services, please visit here.


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