Portfolio Spotlight Ep 3: Gradiant – Turning the Tide with Wastewater

(Photo of Gradiant’s Co-Founder & COO, Prakash Govindan, Co-Founder and CEO, Anurag Bajpayee, President, Govind Alagappan, from left to right.)

This World Earth Day, we are thrilled to feature Gradiant, a sustainability champion in our portfolio, on a mission to safeguard our planet’s water supply by converting wastewater into fresh, usable water. Their innovative approach not only addresses water scarcity but also redefines wastewater as an untapped resource.


Why Water Matters More Than You Think
Water’s importance extends far beyond its role in hydration. From manufacturing to powering the devices we rely on, water is a fundamental component of numerous industrial processes.


Gradiant’s President, Govind Alagappan, sheds light on a striking fact: over half of the world’s water consumption goes towards industrial processes, not just drinking. This revelation inspired a commitment to significantly reduce the industrial water footprint, ensuring sustainable water availability for future generations.


The Gradiant Solution
Gradiant’s strategy is three-pronged:

  • Innovation Hub: Attracting the brightest minds, the company develops cutting-edge technologies aimed at reducing, recycling, and refreshing global water resources.
  • Global Vision: Going beyond invention – dedicating its resources to deploying solutions worldwide to achieve a bigger impact on water sustainability.
  • Active Listening: Understanding each client’s specific challenges to tailor solutions that precisely address their unique water issues.


Real-World Impact: Success Stories
Gradiant’s impact is best illustrated through their transformative projects:

In Singapore, a leading semiconductor manufacturer faced hurdles in water recycling. Gradiant’s intervention elevated their recycling rates to an impressive 80-90%, marking a significant reduction in water consumption and operational costs.
In Australia, a mining company struggled with wastewater management and mineral loss. Gradiant’s technology not only purified their water but also reclaimed valuable minerals, turning waste into revenue for the company.

The Future of Sustainable Tech in Southeast Asia
With Southeast Asia’s rapid growth and a population of 700 million, the region holds great promise in sustainable technology advancements. Singapore, in particular, is well-positioned as a hub for innovation, where technology meets sustainability. Sustainability has become a critical influence in business decisions, making Gradiant’s solutions increasingly vital for optimizing water use and minimizing environmental impacts.

Gradiant’s Exciting Horizon: A Glimpse Ahead

Recently crowned the Clean Tech industry’s first unicorn, Gradiant is poised for even greater things. Their three focal areas include:

  1. Expanding their global reach to bring their technologies to a wider audience.
  2. Accelerating innovation, with a particular emphasis on AI, machine learning, and deep learning. These advancements will not just treat water but also optimise treatment processes, saving clients’ money.
  3. Identifying parallel applications. From their recent success in lithium production, Gradiant sees possibilities for recovering precious minerals, capturing carbon, and creating a broader positive impact on the environment.

Dive Deeper!
Discover more about how Gradiant is leading the charge towards global water sustainability in the video below:

Learn more about Gradiant and be part of the solution to a more sustainable future.

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