Region: Singapore


Grab is Southeast Asia’s leading superapp based on GMV in 2020 in each of food deliveries, mobility and the e-wallets segment of financial services, according to Euromonitor. Grab operates across the deliveries, mobility and digital financial services sectors in over 400 cities in eight countries in the Southeast Asia region – Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, …

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STATS ChipPac is the first Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test (OSAT) provider in Singapore, offering back-end manufacturing services for the semiconductor industry. Listed on NASDAQ in 1998.


NeuroVision trains the brain to see sharper by performing a series of NeuroVision patented, computerised and customised visual tasks.


MerLionPharma is progressing finafloxacin, a novel antibacterial candidate, for the treatment of urinary tract infections and the eradication of Helicobacter pylori in critical care and hospital indications.


Maccine is a preclinical contract research organisation providing innovative discovery research and quality safety-assessment services to the global biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.


ES Cell has been a worldwide leader in the development of human embryonic stem cell technology, being one of the initial providers of human embryonic stem cell lines to the research community. Acquired by BioTime in 2010.


Enertek is our investment vehicle into Rolls-Royce Fuel Cells Systems Limited which develops solid-oxide fuel cell systems for megawatt scale and stationary power generation applications.

DX Assays

Dx Assays, a joint venture with Qiagen, enables individualized healthcare solutions by providing advanced molecular diagnostic assay development and validation services.


CWT is Singapore’s largest home-grown independent supply chain management service provider for the chemicals, commodities, marine, oil & gas and industrial sectors. Listed on SGX in 1993.


CombinatoRx Singapore seeks to discover and potentially develop novel product candidates to treat infectious diseases, with an initial focus on Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B. Acquired by Forma Therapeutics in 2009.