ArteraAI is a leading precision medicine company developing AI tests to personalize cancer therapy. ArteraAI offers an AI-enabled test that is the first of its kind to provide both predictive and prognostic results for patients with localized prostate cancer.


A market intelligence and search platform leveraging proprietary AI technology to deliver insights from extensive universe of public and private content — including equity research, company filings, event transcripts, expert calls, news, trade journals, and clients’ own research content.

Tessera Therapeutics

Founded by Flagship Pioneering in 2018, Tessera Therapeutics is a life sciences innovation enterprise that conceives and develops first-in-category technologies to transform human health and sustainability. The company is pioneering a new approach in genetic medicine known as GENE WRITING technology.


Neuroglee offers personalised digital therapeutics and virtual care solutions for neurodegenerative diseases.


Moloco’s suite of solutions empower businesses with operational machine learning to unlock value. Its solutions include a proprietary demand side platform for marketers, an enterprise-level retail media platform as an additional revenue stream for e-commerce players, and a streaming media monetization solution for media owners.

Locus Robotics

Supporting more than 100+ of the world’s top brands and deployed at 250+ sites around the world, Locus Robotics enables retailers, 3PLs and specialty warehouses to efficiently meet and exceed the increasingly complex and demanding requirements of today’s fulfillment environments using autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).


Anurag Bajpayee and Prakash Govindan founded Gradiant in 2013 as a spinout from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Their mind was set on solving the world’s most important water challenges using sustainable and cost-effective technologies. Since then, Gradiant has evolved from a spirited technology start-up into a global industry leader in water solutions.


A leading innovator in 5G systems-on-a-chip, EdgeQ is pioneering converged connectivity and AI that is fully software-customizable and programmable.


The world’s largest non-bank B2B cross-border payments company serving more than 30,000 customers.


DataStax helps enterprises build real-time AI applications at unlimited scale, on any cloud.