Startup SG Equity Scheme (Fund-of-funds)

Startup SG Equity Scheme (Fund-of-funds)


The Startup SG Equity (SSG-E) scheme aims to stimulate private sector investments into innovative and commercially viable Singapore-based technology startups with global market potential. The scheme was enhanced in 2020 to catalyze more private sector investments into Singapore-based Deep Technology startups, and introduced a fund-of-funds modality to attract global venture capital funds with experience in Deep Technology investments.


Criteria for Startup SG Equity Scheme (Fund-of-funds)


Eligibility criteria for the SSG-E (Fund-of-funds) scheme include:


  •  Strong commitment to invest in early-stage Singapore-based Deep Technology Startups with a primary focus on Advanced Manufacturing, Pharm bio/MedTech, and Agri-food tech sectors.
  • Investee Fund should be domiciled in Singapore. Investee Funds based overseas should hire at least a senior investment team member (minimally principal-level) making the investment recommendations and based in Singapore.
  • General Partner with experience in leading early-stage investment rounds in Deep Technology Startups with a track record of positive IRR.
  • Management team with strong management experience, technical and financial expertise to ensure robust decision-making processes.
  • Strong business networks with access to deal flow, funding, and commercialization network to facilitate the growth of investee startups. • Investment Conditions: Total investments by the Investee Fund into Singapore-based Deep Technology Startups should minimally be matched against EDBI’s capital commitment using a 1:1 ratio OR be at least 20% of the total fund size.

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