What to watch in the biomedical space over the next five years

What to watch in the biomedical space over the next five years

By Chu Swee Yeok, Senior Advisor of EDBI

The pandemic has brought the spotlight onto the healthcare and biomedical sectors, driving unprecedented enthusiasm in the relatively unknown field of mRNA innovations, and bolstering growth in digital health. Yet, the silver lining has dulled investors’ sentiments post-COVID. Increasingly, investors have become more cautious against macroeconomic headwinds, and many are expecting a correction in company valuations across all sectors.

Asia remains a bright spot amidst storm of uncertainty

2022 witnessed the harsh reality of bearish global markets with more pronounced impact for 2023. The global biotech industry had a tough year, with lower valuations, fewer successes in IPOs and waves of layoffs from biopharmaceutical firms.

Even as caution takes hold, there is still much undeployed capital or dry powder and active deal flow, particularly into Asia. Attracted by the sector’s stable returns, resilience to recession and favourable demographic tailwinds, investors are still upbeat and positive about maturing healthcare assets in the pipeline.

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